Some science reporting highlights:


Ethical question leaves potential buyers torn over self-driving cars (June 23, 2016; Guardian)

The story of the Arctic is written in whale earwax (June 18, 2016; Newsweek)

Are Hatcheries Helping, or Hurting, Wild Fish Populations? (March 3, 2016; Discover)

Why this Arctic whale couldn't care less about climate change (Jan. 4, 2016; Nautilus)

High-rises made of wood are taking root in Portland (Feb. 2, 2016; Newsweek)

Is Farmed Salmon Still Salmon? The Staple Fish is Facing an Identity Crisis (Nov. 26, 2015; Nautilus)

Sea lion deaths linked to severe brain damage caused by toxic algae bloom (Dec. 15, 2015; Guardian)

This song shows how frustrated scientists can get when you ignore climate change data (Oct. 16, 2015; Upworthy)

Western Coloradans exposed to four times national radiation average, impacts still unclear (April 23, 2012; Grand Junction Sentinel)

Utah dust on Colorado snowpack having impacts on water supplies downstream (April 4, 2012; Grand Junction Sentinel)

Drought 2012: An award-winning series created to provide regular explanatory and science-based reporting on the 2012 drought in Colorado

Science Monday: A weekly science column on Colorado-relevant studies coming out that week in leading scientific journals

Arsenic Levels in Groundwater Could Be Elevated by Oil Spills, USGS Study Finds (Feb. 4, 2015; Bloomberg BNA)

HIV Vaccine Advances Made Ahead of Global Conference (Jul 8 2010; IPS)

GE Salmon an Ambiguous Milestone for Aquaculture (Oct 1 2010; IPS)

Ixtoc Disaster Holds Clues to Evolution of an Oil Spill (Jun 16, 2010; IPS)

Oil Spill Comes at Worst Time for Endangered Bluefin Tuna (Jun 7, 2010; IPS) 

Plant Growth Declining in Warming World, Despite Predictions (Aug 19, 2010; InsideClimate News)

Study shows climate change is giving invasive species a leg up (Jan 3, 2010; InsideClimate News)

Atlantic Hurricanes to Become Less Frequent But More Intense (Jan 22, 2010; InsideClimate News)

Latest Science Shows Climate Change Outpacing Previous Projections (Nov 24, 2009; InsideClimate News)